In addition to providing our normal dance classes to adults and the Polka Kids, we also provide Polka, Country, and FUN dance lessons to all grade levels at Public and Private Schools. We have provided structured classes at: Grade School, Junior High, High School, and for College students.

One evening as we were being interviewed by a Baltimore TV News Reporter, it came to our attention that there are many other kids in the world who are less fortunate than the normal children and young adults that we have been teaching. So, we decided to provide dance lessons for children and young adults that were located at specialized Centers and Schools, such as: The Maryland School for the Blind, and the Maryland Board of Child Care.

Working with these children and young adults has been very rewarding to us, and we will never forget those special kids we worked with and helped them learn to dance and have fun.

We strongly urge everyone to donate some of your personal time to help these kids who are located in specialized Centers and Schools. You can help make a difference in their lives!