We have performed more than 600 Polka Exhibitions across America for most ethnic organizations (Polish, German, Czech, Austrian, Slovenian) at resorts, hotels, ballrooms, weddings, festivals and other dance establishments. Outside the USA, we have performed and provided dance lessons in Warsaw and Gydnia, Poland and in the Bahamas.

Some Exciting Events in our dancing career include:

We were featured polka dancers on the POLKAmerica Show aired nationally on Public Broadcast Stations (PBS-TV) across the United States. We performed three times at the Kennedy Center, the Museum of American History, and the Senate Office Chamber in Washington DC. We have performed with the Lawrence Welk Travel Show, appeared on NBC TV on a featured presentation of Polish Heritage. We appeared on USA Cable, performed three times on the Pennsylvania Polka TV, performed in the Bahamas, performed on the Carnival Cruise Ship - Fantasy, performed at the exclusive Dupont Country Club (DE) and Hunter Mountain Resort (NY) with Jimmy Sturr (18-time Polka Grammy Winner); were featured polka performers at the Hollywood Ballroom (MD) highlighting the POLKA as performed in - "The King and I" hit movie.

A partial list of Polka Bands we've performed with includes:

Frankie Yankovic, Jimmy Sturr, Glenn Miller, Eddie Blazonczyk, Brave Combo, Myron Floren, Happy Louie, Polka Family, Dick Pillar, Lenny Gomulka, Marion Lush, Kryger Brothers Orchestra, Marv Herzog, Verne & Steve Meisner, Dennis Polisky & the Maestro Men, Freddy K, Mark Janson, Polka Nuts, John Stanky, Joe Stanky, Dynatones, Don Cialkoszewski, Joe Fedorchak, Henny & the Versa Js, Mass Brass, Ray Barno, Memory Makers, Jolly Joe, Gene Mendalski, Ablemen, JOY, Charm City Sound, Boys From Baltimore, Brass Works, plus many other great polka bands across the USA.