Since 1976, we have had the opportunity to work with many of the top Polka Promoters and Polka Bands in the country. All of the Polka Dance Shows we've provided have a special place in our hearts because we've had the chance to meet and become friends with Polka Fans across the country. We've been asked many times about which Polka Dance Shows have special meaning to us. Well, two shows come to mind:

Our most memorable dance show was performing with Bobby Vinton at his Blue Velvet Theater with the Glenn Miller Orchestra in 1996. We didn't have a clue as to what song Bobby wanted us to perform to when we arrived in Branson. A few minutes before our show, his stage manger told us that Bobby wanted us to perform to his "9-minute Polka Medley" that featured many of his famous polkas. That was a request we didn't expect, but we were ready and excited. Bobby's performance and our dance show really had the audience toe-tapping and clapping to each of his songs. When the music stopped, we took our usual bow to the audience, and Mary twirled right into Bobby's arms for a big kiss from Bobby. After the show, Bobby requested that we come back in 1997 to provide another show, which we accepted. Photos and a story of this event were published on the front page of The Post Eagle Newspaper (NJ). We are proud to state that we are the only professional polka dancers who have performed with Bobby Vinton at his Blue Velvet Theater in Branson, MO.

Another memorable dance show was our first appearance at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC to celebrate the "Tearing Down of the Berlin Wall" as made possible through the efforts of President Ronald Reagan. We were selected by the United States Government to provide five days of polka lessons for members of Congress and their staffs. The week-long celebration ended at the Kennedy Center with a dance party open to the public. The Jerry Schneider Band (WI) provided the musical entertainment, and we gave the very first Polka Dance Performance at the Kennedy Center. A sellout audience was in attendance to celebrate the event.