From 1987-1998, we created the National Polka Dance Competitions™ at two major polka festivals for amateur dancers: The Hunter Mt. National Polka Festival, New York; and the Summer Music Fest, Frankenmuth, Michigan. Trophies, Certificates and other prizes were awarded to winning couples in three Adult Divisions, based on age range.

A special Children's Division was provided; whereby all children who participated received a Trophy and Certificate for their dance exhibition during the event. The Children's Division was not a competition, but rather a way of introducing and welcoming young kids into polka entertainment.

These National Polka Dance Competitions™ were supported by representatives of: IPA, USPA, UPA, past Polka Champions, Polka Promoters, DJ's, and Polka Newspapers (NY, NJ, MI, TX). Polka dancers from all over the USA and Canada participated in these competitions.

To JUDGE these competitions, experienced polka dance instructors and former polka champions from four or more different states were used to evaluate the various forms and styles of polka dancing against seven Skill Categories: Timing, Execution, Showmanship, Floor Craft, etc. A separate Judge was used for each category. The total point sum of all skill categories determined the winning couples (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place) in each Division of competition. At the end of the dance competition, all contestants received their scores for each Category so that they will see their strengths and weaknesses as a way to improve their dance performance for future dance competitions.

Each of these National Polka Dance Competitions™ drew a packed audience eager to watch and hopefully learn some new dance routines from each of the participating couples. At each competition, Polka Fans really liked to watch or participate in this event.