From 2002-2004 at Blob's we started POLKA BOOT CAMPS -- 6-weeks of intensive training to see how people would react to learning how to dance the Polka through the eyes of MAJOR PAIN and Sergeant "M" -- your Drill Instructors.

To pass this course, you needed to Bring Your Guts to Graduate with Glory. All new Recruits start out as Wallflowers wearing DOG TAGS with hope to graduate as PFC (Performing beFore Crowd) status.

Those who can't handle the course are dishonorably discharged. All of the squads in Major Pain's Platoon competed for his TOP GUN AWARD.

If you have ever seen some of the movies featuring "tough" Drill Instructors, Major Pain tops them all. You didn't want to see Major Pain barking orders to your face.

Butch & Mary's unique teaching methods and dancing expertise have "influenced and changed the image of polka dancing" in many locations across the USA.

We have traveled over a million miles promoting Polka Entertainment to all nationalities. Our teaching style, dance exhibitions and the way polka dancers are "evaluated" in our National Polka Dance Championships have become the "benchmark" for many teachers and advanced polka dancers across the United States.

We thank Major Pain for his Polka Boot Camp leadership and expertise!