In 1991, we were the 1st Non-Musicians to receive a Plaque from Marv & Teresa Herzog and Mark Janson, polka promoters of the Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest in Michigan. The award was for "Their Dedication and Contribution to the Perpetuation of Polka Music" and for recognizing "their major efforts of getting children started and involved in polka dancing, and for making significant contributions to the Polka Industry."

The Mayor of Frankenmuth also presented us with the "Keys to the City" in recognition of our accomplishments.

It was very exciting for us to receive especially since it was the 2nd Award presented by the Summer Music Fest in Frankenmuth. In 1990, the winner of the 1st Award was Frankie Yankovic, America's Polka King, in 1990.

The International Polka Association (IPA) in Chicago has also recognized our contribution to the Polka Industry by nominating us many years for their Special Achievement Award.

In 2009, we each received Plaques from the Polka Kids Organization for 25 Years Service for the teaching of Polka and many other forms of dancing entertainment to children, ages 6 and over. These Kids represent the Future POLKA Dancers of America.

We especially want to thank all of the Polka Newspapers, Polka Promoters, Polka Bands, and Polka Fans across the country for all of your support.